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A 2048 style puzzle game based on

Grendel36 is a mashup of the popular 2048 style tile game and the legacy online game Grendelís Cave, creating Grendel36 2048! Are you ready for the fun of the classic 2048 puzzle with the added excitement and strategy of earning magical weapons and using these to kill monsters and even switch monster positions on the game board? Are you ready to face Grendel, build an amulet by combining monsters, kill Grendel and win the Game? Are you ready to face Grendelís Mother, build the Giant Sword and kill her? Are you ready to kill the Dragon, become a dragon slayer hero and make it to Valhalla?

How do you play Grendel36? You swipe the screen up, down, left and right on a 4x4 game board to combine monster tiles of the same kind. When two of the same kind of monsters touch and combine they die and spawn the next higher value monster in their place. After each move a new monster tile randomly appears on an empty spot on the board. Keep sliding monsters to combine them into higher and higher value monsters, until you combine the two highest value monsters for the level and advance to the next level . You earn magical weapons by combining three or more of the same monsters in a row. Use these magical weapons to cheat the game. You can use swords to strike and kill a monster directly. You can use Thorís Hammer, Mjolnir, to strike an entire row or column of monsters and kill them all. You can use the Witchís magical Hourglass to switch the position of monsters on the board and create more and better moves in the game.

There are 24 cave levels, with top value monsters ranging from 512 to 1024. There are four advance levels; the end of the pools of water is a 2048 level where you find and stomp the Cyclops, Heorot Hall is a 2048 level where you wrestle Grendel, the Mere is a 4096 level where you battle Grendelís Mother and the Dragonís Lair is an 8192 level where you slay the Dragon.

As you advance from one level to the next you gain more bonus weapons and even keys to the Dragonís treasure. Use the keys for a chance to steal items from the treasure, swords, Mjolnir, Hourglasses and perhaps, if you are lucky, a Magic Hole that will increase the game board size to 5x5 or even bigger.